5x7 to 4x5 reducing back, skeleton
Made for Graphic/Graflock back
$35 or best reasonable offer

This is a very nicely-made adaptor back with holes pre-drilled that match the hole pattern from a Graflock or Graphic back from a Crown or Speed Graphic (not included).

It measures 8-7/16" square outer dimension. The frame to hold the back is raised a bit over 1/4", which will make it easier to grip film holders as you put them in or pull them out. Has all eight dowel pins at the corners, about 5/8" in from each corner (to the center of the pin). The back is classic B&J style construction. At one corner is a decal in silver which has mostly rubbed off, which reminds me of other similar decals from B&J.

It weighs about 9 oz. so figure about 1 lbs 9 oz. shipping weight from 90027.

Please Note: I wait for Paypal to clear to my bank account before shipping; this takes about 3-4 days.

Here's the picture: