Two 4-3/4 x 6-1/2 Japanese Plate Camera Ground Glass Holders, No Glass
$25 each or $45 for both

These are slightly different, so I'll describe each:

The first one seems complete, with all of its ground glass clips, heavy tarnish but functionally okay. 6" x 8-1/16" outer dimensions.

The second one has only one ground glass clip, but both of its hinges, which work well. Metal doesn't show much tarnish. 5-3/4" x 6-13/16" outer dimension.

Each of them seems pretty solid, no major issues, joints are strong.

Each of these weighs about 3 oz, so add a pound to that for shipping weight from 90027.

Please Note: I wait for Paypal to clear to my bank account before shipping; this takes about 3-4 days.