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    Free for shipping Polaroid Mod. 80's + 2 flash bars

    I have two Polaroid model 80's that need new homes.
    They are in reasonable condition, the shutters work, bellows are in good shape. Note these are not the rangefinder equipped model, and I don't know their suitability for a 4x5 P&S conversion. For reference see the picture showing a 4x5 holder next to one. There are no shutter speeds marked on the lens, except for "B". I'm not sure how many distinct speeds there are, could be just two. There are no actual f/stops marked, just a number scale starting from "1".

    It's probably best to consider them as curios for your bookshelf or use for experiments. Note also that these are the older Polaroid roll-film cameras and film is not available from any source.

    Pay me shipping cost and donate a few bucks to APUG and they (or one) are yours.
    Both camera would fit in a medium flat rate box with some padding which is $12.35 in the U.S.
    One camera could fit in a small flat rate, with little padding, or a medium with more.

    International shipping is probably excessive, but I'm willing if you want, for example a medium flat rate box to Canada would be $41.00 USD

    I also have a couple of partially used flash bars of the kind commonly used on the SX-70's there are a total of 12 unused bulbs, $5.60 USD for shipping by priority flat-rate padded envelope.
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