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    Exakta Items - Most Rare

    Piesker Berlin 400mm F4.5 Tele-Votar for Exakta/Topcon mount in good condition. This rather large, beautifully crafted lens has smooth mechanical motions and clear, clean glass. This iris blades are free of oil. The Tele-Votar is a very fast West German-made lens and it is rare. It is well-suited for sports, nature, astrophotography, and/or collecting. Sold as shown with front cap. Price: $240 plus insured shipping.

    New Japanese-made Mosler 35mm f2.8 lens for Exakta mount SLR's (Exakta, Topcon, and a few others). This lens comes with original lens caps. Never used. Rare find today. (Note that this is not a T mount lens!) Price: $40 plus shipping

    Meyer-Optic Gorlitz Telemegor 150mm F5.5 for Exakta and early Topcon mount SLR. The condition is good for its age. The optics are clean except perhaps for a faint layer of dust, or haze, or perhaps coating blemish (not sure, but it's only evident under bright light and won't impact results). Clean iris, smooth mechanics. Beautiful piece for Exakta fans (like me). Price: $75 plus shipping and PayPal fee.

    Exakta VXIIa body for parts, repair, or display. The shutter hangs. Reasonably good condition otherwise. Sold "as-is" - no returns! $12 plus shipping
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