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    Zeiss Ikonta 521/A

    This camera is in overall very good cosmetic and excellent mechanical condition. I purchased it from Jurgen Kreckel who specializes in restoring folders and sells on the Big Auction. It has an uncoated f3.5 Tessar lens set in a Compur Rapid shutter to 1/500th second. I bought it for its ultra compact size and it truly is a pocket camera. It comes with a leather case, also in good condition. Iíve treated it periodically with leather oils to maintain softness. There is some paint loss around edges as thumbnails below show.

    Of all of my folders I reach for this one the least. There are probably three reasons why this is true. I prefer having shutter speed and f stop settings on the top of the lens. This one has them on the side. Most all of my other folders have the bellows extension button on the left and shutter plunger button on the right. These are reversed on this camera. I have missed shots as a result when ďauto pilotĒ takes over for a fast grab. And finally, my scanner doesnít like the close spacing of the negatives I get with the 16 frames on this camera. I end up almost always having to scan each frame individually and it gets time consuming. I donít encounter this problem with fifteen negatives from my Mamiya 645 backs.

    Not on my list of complaints is the scale focus. I would describe this camera as having a very generous margin of error and it makes guesstimating distance quite easy. Image quality is what you would expect from a Tessar lens and I have always been satisfied with its performance.

    I paid around $155.00 for it, so I hope that $140.00, including insured shipping to locations in the lower continental U.S., is a fair price. I prefer Pay Pal for payment and will also absorb those fees. Iíll give you a few days upon receipt to evaluate and return if you are not satisfied.

    Thumbnails below are of camera and several negative scans taken with it. Thanks for your consideration.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Zeiss Ikonta 521A 006.jpg   Zeiss Ikonta 521A 002.jpg   Zeiss Ikonta 521A 001.jpg   Zeiss Ikonta 521A 004.jpg   Zeiss Ikonta 521A 005.jpg  

    Zeiss Ikonta 521A 008.jpg   Zeiss Ikonta 521A 009.jpg   Zeiss Ikonta 521A 010.jpg   Zeiss Ikonta 521A 013.jpg   Zeiss Ikonta 521A 015.jpg  

    img009.jpg   img008.jpg  



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