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    Bogen Manfrotto #116 Tripod Head

    DESCRIPTION: Bogen Manfrotto #116 Tripod Head.

    CONDITION: Very good condition with a few minor issues. The little knob on the one side that locks the panning arm bracket is missing. Not really an issue, you can switch the one from the other side if you want to put the arm on that side. Or, Iím sure these are available from manfrotto. Also, one of the teeth in the quick release plate has a small chunk out of it. Again, not a big issue, just turn the plate around if you need it to lock into that exact area on the plate. Otherwise head functions great.

    PRICE: $ 79

    Price Includes Shipping. USA shipping only. Shipping is thru the USPS only and will include tracking and insurance.

    If you want this item, please send me a PM. I might miss you if you just reply to the thread. And Iíll need your email address, to send you a paypal invoice, if your paying that way.


    PAYPAL PAYMENT NOTE: If you want to pay for this item using paypal, send me a PM (private message) with the email address you use for Paypal. Once I have that, I will send you an invoice thru paypal. As soon as the invoice is paid, I will ship the item.

    IF YOUíRE PAYING WITH PAYPALÖREAD THIS: I will only ship to confirmed paypal accounts within the USA. If your paypal account is not confirmed and the shipping address is not in the USA, Iím sorry, but I will deny the payment. Also, please donít ask me to ship to another address thatís not your registered and confirmed address with paypal. I wonít do it. I hope you understand.

    FYI - I have 100% positive feedback as a seller on ebay. If you want to check my reputation let me know.

    PS - 5% of my net sales are donated to this sight. I truly appreciate the venue they provide us.

    Thank you for your time,
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