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    FS 3x4 Graflex Super D with a 4X5 Graflok back

    Got this with a bundle of other stuff and have just cleaned and checked it out. Graflex 3x4 Super D with a 4X5 graflok back that gives a 3 1/4 X 4 1/4 image on a 4x5 film sheet. The conversion looks to have been done professionally and shows fine workmanship. The revolving back works smoothly to give portrait or landscape views. Comes with a 152mm Ektar lens with the auto diaphragm that works as it is supposed and the glass is in fine condition with just a few cleaning wisps. Focal plane shutter is snappy and fires on all speeds and the curtain looks to be in fine condition. The graflok back functions like all graflok backs and includes the ground glass screen and the hood. The Super D ground glass is in good shape and gives a nice bright image. I checked the focus using the Super D screen and the graflok screen and they are both the same. Camera body is in good shape and focusing hood opens and closes smoothly.
    The 3x4 Super D is lighter and smaller than the 4X5 Super D and looks to be a fun camera to use. I would keep it if I did not already have a 4X5 Super D with graflok back.

    $399 including shipping. CONUS only
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    Graflex Super D with Graflok Back Still For Sale?

    good morning Simon,

    In searching for a Super D with Graflok I stumbled across your FS advert. Is it still available?



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