This is the Pre-WWII version of this lens. Ole always says these cover more than the later post-war versions. I lost this lens and searched everywhere for it! Then one day I unfolded the Deardorff 5X7 (which quite obviously doesn't get used enough) and Wa La. There it was, folded up inside. It's such a wee little thing. Had to reverse the board in the camera is all to get it to fold up in there.

I think this was Schneider's earliest attempt at coatings perhaps? I can see some mottled coating remnants in the rear group. Don't be afraid of un-even coatings in old lenses. It has no affect on image. You simply lose whatever percentage effect of the coating that is missing.

Shutter is not original to the lens. Aperture was for 240mm so you have to halve the number. 16 is actually f8. No big deal. Maybe that sort of thing drives you nuts. If so, Buyers Beware.

Glass is excellent and this is a fine old picture maker. Angulon was Schneider's reverse Dagor. They didn't have to pay royalties that way. The Dagor was superior, but many many folks love these Angulon's $155

Recent Sample Image made with this lens just last month is the last image on THIS page.