These 240 mm G-Clarons have about 410mm usable image circle for photography. Don't quote me from Schneiders page. There numbers were for Graphic Arts users, not us. 410mm is 8X10 with tons of movements possible!

This one has had a long life in the graphic arts industry and came to me in barrel. I installed in the Copal 1 shutter you see. I had to adjust the aperture scale very slightly, but what you see is accurate and most usable. The hashmark for f9 is present but the number isn't there.

Glass surfaces are generally good, but it has slight haze at the rear group that didn't clean up with a swab and alcohol. That's why the price is low. Doesn't affect contrast of sharpness, just value. This is an awesome lens for this money!

$265 U Pay Shipping. The most superb 8X10 lens for that money, ever!