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    Nikon, Miranda, Topcon, Rexagon SLR Lenses

    Nikon Nikkor-S 50mm F1.4 NAI prime for Nikon SLR. One of Nikon's finest lenses. This example has clean, clear, and scratch-free optics and good mechanics. Cosmetically it has seen some use, but it's still in decent condition. A classic SLR prime and nicely priced. $45 plus shipping

    Rexagon Automatic 28mm F2.8 for Konica AR mount. This lens is a very nicely made Japanese lens in superb condition - no issues to note. The Rexagon has something of a following out there with users who adapt old lenses to newer digital cameras - look on Google or Flickr for some impressive sample shots with this lens. Sold as shown with rear cap. $25 plus shipping

    Auto Miranda 135mm F3.5 for Miranda SLR. This lens has clean glass and good mechanics, except it has a sluggish iris action. It can of course be used without issue in stop down mode (which is a breeze to do on Miranda's). Sold as shown without caps and priced low. $5 plus shipping

    Topcon No. 2 close up lens for 62mm mount lenses. New, boxed, and cased. Very nicely made Japanese optic. $8 plus shipping

    Topcon 67mm No. close up lens for the Topcon Uni. This will probably work with any 67mm lens despite the "Uni" moniker. New, boxed, and cased. Nice lens! $8 plus shipping

    I can accept PayPal, personal checks, cash, or money orders in payment and I ship to most countries. Thanks! - David
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    PM sent on 50/1.4



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