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    1961 Leica M3 Single Stroke Body With Cap & Case

    NOTE: The following item and several other Leica items I’ll be listing are part of an estate that I purchased. All has been sitting unused for several years.

    DESCRIPTION: Used, 1961 Leica M3 Single Stroke Body With Cap & Case. SN#1027281. As shown.

    CONDITION: Please use pictures to help judge cameras appearance. Scratches and wear of finish, some covering missing. Advance appears to be working properly. Shutter speeds at low end drag. Also, shutter button is stuck in the down position. The camera will fire with a cable release. And will also fire using the self timer. Rangefinder is what I would call bright and working. Shutter curtain looks good and I see no pin holes. Leather case is functional but has age wear and one snap is broken. Selling “as is” for repair or restoration.

    PRICE: $ 375 OBO

    Price Includes Shipping. Send me a PM with your zip code for a quote. USA shipping only. Shipping is thru the USPS only and will include tracking and insurance.

    If you want this item, please send me a PM. I might miss you if you just reply to the thread. And I’ll need your email address, to send you a paypal invoice, if your paying that way.


    PAYPAL PAYMENT NOTE: If you want to pay for this item using paypal, send me a PM (private message) with the email address you use for Paypal. Once I have that, I will send you an invoice thru paypal. As soon as the invoice is paid, I will ship the item.

    PLEASE READ THIS…IF YOU’RE PAYING WITH PAYPAL…I will only ship to confirmed paypal accounts within the USA. If your paypal account is not confirmed and the shipping address is not in the USA, I’m sorry, but I will deny the payment. Also, please don’t ask me to ship to another address that’s not your registered and confirmed address with paypal. I won’t do it. I hope you understand.

    FYI - I have 100% positive feedback as a seller on ebay. If you want to check my reputation let me know.

    PS - 5% of my net sales are donated to this sight. I truly appreciate the venue they provide us.

    Thank you for your time,
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails New Item Pics 8809.jpg   New Item Pics 8810.jpg   New Item Pics 8811.jpg   New Item Pics 8812.jpg   New Item Pics 8813.jpg  

    New Item Pics 8814.jpg   New Item Pics 8815.jpg   New Item Pics 8816.jpg   New Item Pics 8827.jpg   New Item Pics 8828.jpg  

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