Hi Everyone.

I'm selling my Sinar Shutter with two lenses.

The Sinar copal shutter is working fine. There's some wear on the aperture blades (it looks like oil residue, but it's wear). The speeds are all accurate except 6 and 8 seconds which are both a second too long (2,3 and 4 seconds are maybe a fraction of a second longer than indicated, but this is really nitpicking).
The only slight issue it has it that sometimes when you close the shutter, the little red pin doesn't engage immediately to close the shutter, it sometimes takes around a second before the shutter closes. This happens maybe once about every 50 times you use the shutter, and usually it only happens when the shutter has been idle for a while. It has never bothered me, but it should be mentioned.
An older but fully functioning Sinar cable release is included!
The last one of these I sold on ebay sold for 350 pounds. Buy this one for 250 GBP plus shipping. I can also bundle it with the 150mm Symmar S below for a total price of 280 GBP.

Next up is a Schneider Symmar S MC150mm. in DB mount. The bad news first, the filtering is dented so you cannot attach screw in filters. The good news with a little bit of electriains tape, you can easily attach a Cookin A filter holder (see the pictures) and use it with cookin filters.
It has the usual amount of schneideritis, but it's still a very sharp and contrasty lens. Buy this one for 50 GPB plus shipping or 30 GPB bundled with the Sinar Copal shutter above.

Then there is a Sinar Sinaron S (Rodenstock Sironar N) 240mm MC lens in a Sinar factory fitted db Mount. This lens virtually looks like new and has hardly ever been used. With this lens comes an original Sinar Filter holder with a 77mm filter ring to fit the Lens.
Glass on this lens is beautiful. I would like 240 GBP plus shipping for this beauty.

Pictures of Everything are here:


All the items are currently situated in Denmark (as am I!).

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