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    FS Edison projection lens

    The time has come to move some lenses out of my cabinets to make room for new stuff. I have two nice old ones I have used less than I thought I might, and I will list them separately to make things easier.

    The first is a brass and chrome projection lens made by Bausch and Lomb for the Edison Manufacturing Co. of Orange, NJ. It was designed to be on the Projecting Kinetoscope, the kind that fit on the front of a Magic Lantern projector. Focal length is about 300mm and I don't really know what the lens design is– I do not believe it to be a Petzval lens. It is in very nice shape, with no scratches of dings on the glass (dust in the photo). The easel and paints image was taken with this lens on an 8x10, but the lens is really better suited to full plate or 5x7, as it vignettes at infinity with 8x10. Flange and 5 1/4" wooden lens board included, though neither is original. The board has obviously seen other mountings but is in good shape. $220 shipped in US. Foreign shipping is possible but will increase price by postage difference.

    Satisfaction guaranteed. You don't like it, you send it back and pay only the return shipping. Paypal accepted and 3% goes to APUG.
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