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    Pentax 645 Kit - Excellent condition - Recent CLA - 75mm & 135mm LS

    Pentax 645 Kit

    Owned 5 years, used occasionally, but using 6x9 Fuji and 4x5 now and it sits in camera cabinet.
    Complete CLA by ICamera including leaf shutter - year or so and five rolls ago.
    Camera in excellent shape - extremely clean. I am the second owner. This is not an old studio war horse.
    Lenses clear and exceptionally clean, no cleaning marks on coatings - always covered with yellow filter.

    Pentax 645 body
    75mm f2.8
    135mm f4.0 LS (Leaf Shutter) (beautiful lens - crisp wall to wall)
    Lens case and back lens cap for the one off camera
    2 120 film backs and one case for film back

    Whole shootin match for $750

    (+shipping - insured, +PayPal)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Pentax 645-1.jpg 
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ID:	85455Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Pentax 645-2.jpg 
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Name:	Pentax 645-3.jpg 
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