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    FS Ansco Studio camera and Semi-Centennial type stand

    This needs to go as I need room for a bigger studio camera. This was my first wood LF camera. Not sure how old but these were the same for decades. It is said every town in USA had at least one. This is the premium grey paint model, which I beleive cost 20% more in it's day.

    Grey paint is out of style now and the paint is the worst part of this camera and stand. It is ugly, but...

    It works perfectly as is. The bellows are sturdy, flexible, and absolutely light tight. I get 30" extension and longer bellows would give it 36". The front bellows looks like new as if it was folded up most of it's life and the back one has had the usage. Some metal parts have surface rust. I oiled and moved all moving parts lightly. I used this camera for nearly 2 years.

    While looking it over I discovered the middle standard has it's own lens board mount, in the middle of the camera. It looks new and never touched. I suppose so you could mount short lenses or filters inside and use the front overhang as lens shade.

    The camera and stand match. The stand does all movements smoothly and as I saw in a Galli video review he prefers this Ansco stand elevation locking mechanism, to others of similar vintage. It is very secure once locked.

    This outfit is a joy to use for studio portraits, as it easily drives right up to a subject and quickly adjusts much faster than a modern studio stand and camera. The camera has a fixed front, with geared rear focus, tilt and swing. I got it with the 5x7 back which is well worn, but usable. I also made a plywood 4x5 adapter back. The 5x7 back has good GG, but the DIY 4x5 back is just a nicely fitting blank board. Add any 4x5 GG frame to it.

    I found a 8x10 back on eBay and I am selling it either with the camera or after it is sold.

    This thing is absolutely usable exactly as is. Or go nuts and strip it down and restore it to varnished wood.. The wood on these is the same as the natural finish ones, that were not as expensive. That refinishing process will triple its value. I'm not doing it. Includes original 9" lens board. Casters roll well. The whole thing is actually not heavy and a gimp like me can load it into a van in 2 minutes.

    Shipping only the camera is possible and expensive. Shipping the stand would be outrageous. I prefer to sell the set.

    I am really seeking a Chicago area sale.

    Camera, stand, 2 backs, 5x7 and 4x5 blank. $300

    8x10 back in excellent condition natural finish $125, sold only after camera sale.

    Everything $350. Pickup in Chicago.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    SOLD at LFPF

    Thank you APUG.



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