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    M42 Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 50/2.8 + Zeiss 50mm 1:1 Macro Extension Tube

    Good condition M42 Zeiss Tessar 50mm f/2.8 + Zeiss macro extension tube. Body is very clean, aperture clean and clicky. Focus is a bit stiff but very smooth. I was going to say the glass is a little dirty but I just looked at it again to write this and it appears that it may have some fungus growing : ( Regardless, it's still a great performer with a definite 'mood' to its images (test shots taken on Rebel XTi so 10MP 1.6x crop). The macro tube is in good shape as well with some oxidation on the inner ring attached to the aperture pin. Comes with front and rear caps, screw on lens hood and case. Can use for digital via the dof preview lever for stop-down exposure.

    The smaller of the two moss pictures is a 100% crop of the first and the two dandelion ones are taken with the macro tube in use.

    Asking $60 +~$6 shipping.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails CZJ_50_2.8_M42-1.jpg   CZJ_50_2.8_M42-1-2.jpg   CZJ_Tessar_50_1.7_test-2.jpg   CZJ_50_2.8_M42-3.jpg   CZJ_50_2.8_M42-4.jpg  

    CZJ_50_2.8_M42-5.jpg   CZJ_Tessar_50_1.7_test-1.jpg   CZJ_50_2.8_M42-7.jpg   CZJ_50_2.8_M42-8.jpg   CZJ_50_2.8_test-1-5.jpg  

    CZJ_50_2.8_M42-10.jpg   CZJ_50_2.8_test-1-3.jpg   CZJ_50_2.8_M42-12.jpg   CZJ_50_2.8_test-1.jpg   CZJ_50_2.8_test-1-2.jpg  



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