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    FS: Leicaflex SL body in silver and in exc condition.

    I recently purchased this in a package deal and have since gotten an R6.2 which I prefer due to it's smaller size only, they are both fantastic cameras with the Leicaflex actually being quite a bit stronger and more serious feeling. I just don't need 2 film SLR bodies of the same ilk at the moment. This is in beautiful condition with very little sign of use and certainly no dings or dents, hard to find any marks at all really. The viewfinder is clean, clear and bright. It is really probably the biggest, best viewfinder ever, in some opinions, and it really shows. It has a large central microprism focus aid circle which snaps nicely into focus, it's a real treat after using a split image for years, you can also focus anywhere in the field easily too. The bottom of the finder, where the shutter speeds are shown, has a little dust or dirt, making a few of the numbers a little harder to see but I never rely on that anyways and it's not that noticeable. The leatherette is in great condition too. Shutter speeds seem accurate to my ear, winder is smooth and sure. Meter is accurate with a new 1.3v wein cell (which may not be included, I find they don't last during journeys and flights after they have been opened anyways). The inside of the camera looks like new. This will come with an eveready case but not worth a picture since it needs lots of stitching, but, it does serve well as a good half case, the bottom part is all intact and not bad looking. Price is really a good one, IMO, given this is a true working classic with little fault. $190.00

    Price includes shipping and fees in the USA only.
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