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    FS: Rolleiflex E1 3.5 Xenotar, plus

    Rolleiflex E(1) f/3.5 Xenotar. Serial #1781xxx. In very good USER condition with a couple of dings.

    I bought this camera about 3 years ago as a knapsack/briefcase camera to go along with my main camera, a Rolleiflex 2.8C Xenotar. It worked well. But- well, I know, silly in a way- the aperture and shutter dials move in the opposite direction from the 2.8C. And the lens is 70mm, not 80mm. Both kept me from really settling in with this model. I recently bought another 2.8C that will make a great beater, so it's time to pass this one on.

    This camera was overhauled a year ago by Paul Ebel. He cleaned the shutter, adjusted focus, cleaned the wind mechanism, installed a Maxwell screen, aligned lenses, etc. After his work, I installed a custom cut leather covering. This is a pebbled cabretta leather- you can see the texture in a couple of the close-up photos. It has a great feel- not slippery, a slight give, tough and stable. When I cut the new leather I eliminated the exposure guide on the back. When I got the camera, it had a meter block. The needle was moving and reacting to light, but I didn't care to see if it was of any use. I took it within the first hour and put an acrylic slug in the opening.

    There are two dings. One is the back right corner of the focus hood. The metal has a rip, and the corner is bent. This affected the release mechanism of the magnifier, and I had to file a bit off of the magnifier catch to make the magnifier work. Other than the visual affect, the ding means that the magnifier doesn't release as smoothly as it could. The other ding is on the lens shroud next to the shutter release. Cosmetic affect only. Except- The focus action is less than super easy. My 2.8C- one finger tip can lightly roll the focus back and forth. This camera takes two fingers. Paul Ebel worked on it, and thinks that the hit to the lens shroud may have bent a rail slightly or such. Just enough to take away the smoothness, but not enough to make it hard to use. We decided that it wasn't worth putting new parts in (I've had people who know Rolleiflexes play with this camera and they think the focus is fine. Better than most cameras that haven't had a full Fleenor overhaul) (Paul Ebel also overhauled my 2.8C and the focus is super smooth). The shutter sings. Winding is smooth, frame spacing even. Aperture and shutter dials move easily.

    Other than the two dings and the slightly less than perfect focus action, this camera is a great condition. Minimal paint loss, bright aluminum, etc. A great user.

    Maxwell screen- I bought a flawed screen from Bill Maxwell. You can see a small rub mark in the upper left quadrant. My other Maxwell looks much worse after a couple of years, so I figured I'd save some money and get the first rub mark over with. It is a split image center, microprism collar.

    Lens condition: there is a slight rub mark on the outer edge of the taking lens. I can't get a photo of it. About 1 square, a smudge. Not a scratch, not a 'cleaning mark' whatever that means. It's a smudge in the coating. Sometimes I see it, sometimes I don't. Other than that, the taking lens is clean. The viewing lens has a similar smudge in its center.

    Mirrored lens cap
    Rollei lens hood, worn and chipped and still stops the sun. Go figure... With leather case.
    Acrylic cover for the taking lens that I made. And a cover for the lens hood.
    Meter block (assume the meter is dead)
    Rolleifix tripod plate- beat up and works, like the lens hood
    Alligator clips, no strap (fully assembled, just broken off)
    Bay II to 52mm filter adapter

    A set of Bay II Rolleinars. #1, #2, #3, leather cases for each, boxes for #1 and #2. Each is a full set. Clean, no scratches, some slight mottling in the coating, a smudge mark or two, and dust.

    PRICE: $875. Including insured shipping and Paypal fees. US only.

    Album of photos here- https://www.flickr.com/photos/180672...7644056808840/ Ask if you want to see something specific.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Rollei E1 wind side.jpg 
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ID:	87237Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Rollei E1 focus and lens.jpg 
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ID:	87239Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Rollei E1 lens and wind side.jpg 
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Size:	359.1 KB 
ID:	87241Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Rollei E1 back and focus sides.jpg 
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Size:	262.4 KB 
ID:	87247Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Rollei E1 lens.jpg 
Views:	93 
Size:	168.7 KB 
ID:	87238Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Rollei E1 accessories.jpg 
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Size:	183.4 KB 
ID:	87242Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Rollei E1 focus hood dent.jpg 
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ID:	87243Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Rollei E1 lens shroud dent.jpg 
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Name:	Rollei E1 depth of field scale.jpg 
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Name:	Rollei E1 maxwell screen.jpg 
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ID:	87246
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    Having put together a Rollie kit the last year and pricing a bunch of this out, I'm surprised this is still here.

    Adding up some of the parts, its like:

    $200 screen
    $250 in Rolleinars
    $100 for a rollei and hood
    $25 for cap
    $25 in shipping
    Overhaul by a great Rollei repair man (my Paul worked on my Rollei for the previous owner - his work is solid)

    Thats like a great Rollei for $275... ignoring the cost of the CLA.

    This looks like a great deal. If I had the cash around I'd buy it, keep two of the Rolleinars and probably put it back up for sale for the current asking price.

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    Thanks for the comment, Brian. I am hoping to sell it as a group so I don't end up with some orphaned Bay II pieces in the bottom of a drawer.

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    Or best offer?

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    You really should break it up. Very little audience to jump in on a complete package like this. Broken up is more effort by you but frankly you'll likely exceed your complete offer price now significantly.

    "Well, my photos are actually much better than they look..."

    Richard S.
    Albany, CA (San Francisco bay area)

    My Flickr River of photographs

    My Photography Website

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    You are probably right, Richard. Let me think about the breakup and I'll edit this post later today. In the meantime, if someone wants a part of this kit, make an offer.

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