According to the Vade Mecum, this would have been an 1893 design.

Supposedly covers 80 degrees so this 8" lens is usable on 8X10, but not with tons of movements.

It's very compact, and in fact if the 4X4 Speed Graphic lens board is what you're using, we can include it for a pittance extra.

This is a totally usable antique which will have contrast like a Goerz Dagor of the same period. It is 2 cemented glasses at the front and 3 at the rear. Not symmetrical like a Dagor.

There is a tiny bit of balsam showing at the rear group but nothing at all to be concerned with. This lens is 120 years old. It'll look great on your antique camera. This is a rare find. $225.00 shipped in USA