There are still thousands of these lenses in service.

I used to turn up my nose at these, but later on I began to appreciate them for what they are. Perhaps not quite as contrasty as a Dagor, but it seems like each one of these old workhorses has a personality of it's own.

I find the single groups quite usable. Again, no Cooke, but certainly, not a slouch. You'll find them sharp and contrasty for your contact prints. Always put the group in use behind the shutter. The shutter is running perfectly.

This one has bright clear glass, with just a bit of balsam showing. I've used TR's with much more balsam present than this one has and it doesn't seem to matter at all. You won't see any difference in the images. This one beats the average. Clean and nice.

The flange is present even though not shown. Covers 11X14 barely with both groups and well with either single group used alone. The 25" might just cover 12X20. Never tried one. $265.00