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    FS: Two 8X10 cameras, one 5X7 camera, many lenses

    Recently bought WAY too much gear.
    The first to go was the deardorff, but alas, now all the rest needs to go to make room for two new linhof purchases.
    So i am hoping to clear out the shelves - here we go:

    1. B&J Grover, very nice shape monorail 8X10 camera, MINT beautiful red bellows, comes with a brand new Copal 1 board and a few other extra bits. Beautiful grided ground glass will throw in 3 older style 8X10 holders 595$ OBO
    The repromaster is mounted on a grover 8X10 board, and will sell camera and lens for 685$ shipped in the US.

    2. Cambo SC 8X10 with regular bellows, WA bellows, 4X5 reducing back, bellows support and #1 board - 1200$ OBO
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	1601057_547510095367831_2984823359433238136_n.jpg 
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    B&J Grover with copal 1 board. Mint red bellows. Has original viewing hood which is in poor shape, otherwise camera is perfect, Beautiful grided ground glass. Comes with 5 older style holders and a bof of shanghai 5X7 BW film. - 490$ (but will consider offer with lens - 650/690$ with the 210mm lenses listed below)

    Caltar S II 360mm F6.8 MC (Symmar S) - copal #3 - 650$ OBO front and rear caps. Perfect glass. covers 11X14

    Fujinon W 300mm F5.6 MC, covers 8X10, copal 3S, no caps, perfect glass 500$ OBO

    AGFA Repromaster 213mm F9.25 lens in barrel with retaining ring/flange - covers 11X14 (maybe more?) 185$ OBO
    The repromaster is mounted on a grover 8X10 board, and will sell camera and lens for 685$ shipped in the US.

    Rodenstock Sironar N 210mm F5.6 MC in copal #1 - 210$ OBO (front cap only) -

    Xenar 210mm F6.1 in copal 1 MC modern version of this lens, some specs on front element, do not affect the image quality. No caps. 250$ OBO

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_0055.JPG 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_9262.JPG 
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    Will ship anywhere in the world. Paypal preferred.
    More photos via email upon request.
    CatLABS of JP
    Darkroom resources and service

    www.catlabs.info | https://www.facebook.com/CatLABS.of.JP | www.jobo-usa.com

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    regarding 8x10s

    Hello I am a student at umm in new mexico and am very interested in your 8x10s if still available.
    if so could you send some detail shots? thanks.

    my email is sbatista@c.ringling.edu



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