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    Nikkormat FT2 with 50/2 Nikkor-H and instruction book - $90+shipping.

    Looked at my FT2 this evening and realized it was collecting a lot of dust. Since I already have a metric f***ton of Nikon bodies, I think that's a sign that it can go. Meter works very smoothly and is accurate compared to my other Nikon bodies. Refoamed in April. Has some minor brassing, and a small ding on the rear top cover just above the "JAPAN". Has stock K screen installed. Lens is in decent shape. Clean glass and snappy diaphragm. Cosmetically decent, except for a small dent in the filter ring (yet filters thread on without issues). Focusing ring works, but does have a rubbery feeling to it in one spot where the ring may be slightly out of round and rubbing against the filter ring. Comes with battery, generic screw-in 52mm front cap, rear eyepiece, strap triangles, and the instruction book.

    $90, plus shipping via USPS Priority Mail. PayPal accepted.

    Will have it at the Glazer's Photofest on Saturday, if someone wants to meet me there.

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    APUG: F3P, F2AS, Nikomat FT2
    DPUG: D2x
    Nikkors: 18-70/3.5-4.5G AF-S DX (f/D2x), 20/3.5 UD, 24/2 AI, 35/2 O, 50/2 H, 50/1.4 S, 85/1.8 K, 105/4 Micro AIS, 180/2.8 PC
    'tax gear: Spot II, 55/1.8 Super-Multi-Coated Takumar

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