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    Canon P/35mm f.18

    Hasselblad gear acquisition syndrome has struck and I need to part with some other toys to feed it. This body and lens have been matched together in my collection for many years and I have always enjoyed shooting with it. You will not be disappointed with the images that you get.

    Canon P Body

    Body is in superb mechanical and quite good cosmetic condition. Speeds are spot-on. Contrast and alignment in the finder are both very good. It has the typical wrinkles in the curtain that are common to this model (see thumbnail). There are a few scratches and dents on the back (see thumbnail) and some light scratches and wear to the base plate (thumbnail). The 35 and 50 frame lines are still nice and bright. The 100 line has dimmed with age.

    Canon 35mm f1.8

    I’m not a lens expert, but to my eye I do not see oil on the blades, things growing in the glass, rainbows indicating separation of elements, or scratches to the glass that stand-out. Aperture snaps crisply at all stops. Both caps are original. The front cap does not fit very snug anymore.

    $425.00 + shipping, Pay Pal preferred. I would like to keep these items together but am open to offers on the body or lens separately. Thumbnails also show images taken with this body and lens.

    I have bought and sold multiple items over the years through this forum. I go by the same user name on the Big Auction if you want to check my feedback.

    Thank you for your consideration!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 003.jpg   004.jpg   006.jpg   007.jpg   008.jpg  

    009.jpg   010.jpg   011.jpg   012.jpg   014.jpg  

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