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    K.B. Canham, Cambo Lensboards; Arca-Swiss F-Line monorail

    1. Six (6) K.B. Canham 110x110mm lensboards, scuffed on lower edge of front due to inserting them into a Toyo 45AX camera. Perfectly usable, with Canham logos.
    One (1) drilled for #0 Copal shutter
    Four (5) drilled for #1 Copal shutter
    Price: $20 each, plus shipping. Free shipping if you purchase four, five, or six.

    2. One Cambo 163x163mm cast metal, blank, flat lensboard with 27mm centering hole. Has Cambo name plate, in excellent condition:
    Price: $25.00 plus shipping.

    3. One (1) Mystery 110x110mm (for Arca-Swiss 6x9cm F-line camera?) stamped metal recessed lensboard. It has rounded corners, about 15mm of recess, and fits in a Toyo 45A but it's not thick enough (about 1.5m) to fit snugly; it's so loose I would never trust it in a Toyo. If anybody knows what it will work in, and can use it, I'll give it to you for the $5.80 it will cost to ship it in the U.S.

    4. One (1) Arca-Swiss 27cm monorail for F-Line cameras. I believe this is an early rail.
    Price: $35.00 plus shipping in U.S.
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