Behold the sale of one of the most elegant big cameras known to humankind. Gordon Undy, a noted photographer and gallerist, is selling his 11x14 Ebony (mahogany) camera.

The most excellent SV 11x14 can be sold with other fine accessories, such as a 355 G-Claron in Copal 3 shutter, 4 nearly new film holders, and 100 sheets of refrigerated, picture-perfect HP5+ film. All equipment is in splendid condition, rated at least a 9, and functionality assessed at an impressive 10/10.

The price for the camera is low, and shall be negotiated from $7,000. (Purchased new, the value is $18,000+) To sweeten the deal, Gordon will pay shipping fees. Items ship via FedEx from Australia. Iíve agreed to serve as the stakeholder so that both parties feel comfortable. For more information and camera pics, please contact Gordon Undy at, or (t) +61 2 9281 6615 (m) +61 408 461 664

(Ad also listed on the LF Forum)