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    Canon 50mm F1.2 for Leica Thread Mount

    I am selling a Canon 50mm F1.2 in Leica thread mount. The glass is very clear and free from haze, fungus, separation or dust. There is a small cluster of micro cleaning scratches near the center on the front element, but I am certain these are not numerous or clustered enough to impact results. The mechanical motions are smooth and normal. There are no signs of external mishandling or damage and the cosmetic condition is excellent. The iris blades have oil on their tips, but it is confined to the blades and does not cause any problems (and actually prevents rust - note that iris action on a rangefinder lens is irrelevant to use).

    This is a better than average Canon 50/1.2, though not perfect (very few are). I would consider it a very good user lens. It will deliver superb results, yes, even wide open. The Canon 50/1.2 is one of the finest small camera lenses ever made in my humble opinion.

    Sold as shown with a very pretty silver metal rear lens cap (not the black one in the photos) in minty condition. The front lens surface will be well-protected on shipping.

    Price: $500 plus insured shipping
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails canon-50mm-f1.2-1.JPG   canon-50mm-f1.2-2.JPG   canon-50mm-f1.2-3.JPG   canon-50mm-f1.2-4.JPG   canon-50mm-f1.2-5.JPG  



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