Here's my 2nd(and final) Sekonic L-358 meter.
Show with everything included in the sale, including the Pocketwizard transmitter module(FCC compliant, so compatible with US/Canada Pocketwizards only, IIRC)

Included items:
-Sekonic L-358 meter (please note, the rear door is from a 758 Cine meter)
-Pocketwizard FCC module(compatible w/ PW I,II,III,X, and MultiMax models)
-White dome (installed)
-Brand new(installed) lithium CR-123 battery

Overall, it ok shape. Shows some scuff marks here and there, and some small light usage marks, but otherwise performs as it should.
Brand new lithium battery installed recently.
$315 shipped in the USA
Int'l folks, please add $20 for extra cost of USPS Priority shipping.

I accept Paypal, Google Wallet, USPS Money Orders and direct bank x-fers for payment.
Please send a message with any questions you might have.