I've owned this lens for 2 years, having bought it from KEH as LN (Like New) for $2295. KEH has two listed for $2289 and $2199 today, so they hold their value.

Serial number 6846390. The date stamp is A58, so it was manufactured in 1985. It's been babied since I've owned it and it was nearly perfect when I bought it. The leather case shows some external wear as expected, but the inside is still velvety and has done a great job of protecting this lens for 24 years.

The lens is very, very sharp and contrasty, and has that wonderfully smooth internal focus. No dings or marks that I can see anywhere. I've included a picture of the shutter keypin to show how little use this lens has experienced.

I spoke with KEH this morning about trading it for a macro and they will give me $1100, roughly 50% of their final retail. The first APUG buyer with $1700 gets it, and I'll pay for the insured shipping in the lower 48 states. Other buyers will pay their own freight. I'll give APUG 3% after shipping expenses.

I want to move quickly on this. This is up for one week and then I'll take the plunge and trade with KEH at a loss. That means in a week this lens will be for sale with KEH for $2200.USD
Price : 1700.00