This is an Exakta Twin TL by the Ihagee West Berlin Company. This camera, designed in Germany, but built by Cosina in Japan is historically important to serious students and collectors of the Exakta/Ihagee wonders. The Twin TL uses the Exakta Real bayonet mount (the Exakta Real is an even rarer camera), for which one can occasionally find lenses on eBay and other venues. There also exist Exakta Bayonet to Exakta-Real adapters.

This particular Twin TL is in good condition with some signs of moderate use, with all functions working except (apparently) the meter. The meter does jump around and do funny things sometimes, so I'm sure it's repairable by an respectable tech -- but what the hey ... who needs it! ... anyone using Exakta had better know manual exposure technique well!!

If enjoy collecting rare SLR's, with the further challenge of finding accessories and lenses for them, this may be for you! It's certainly a nice camera and a unique one at that.

Sold as show and bargain priced for a Twin-TL.

Price: $250 plus insured shippingUSD
Price : 250.00