After this WWII era aerial recon camera, things started getting much too sophisticated. Lots of 28V cannon plugs and no way to make them work for hobbiests.

This one is 100% mechanical. You wind the shutter mechanism with a cocking action similar to a 30-30 rifle. When you release the shutter a piston sucks the film to the platten for perfect flatness. Pretty ingenious! Simple too!

This one is totally complete with case and written matter. You can load up some long roll film, climb in the Cessna, (leave the door on the tarmac) and go make some Bradford Washburn pictures!

Originally it used 5 1/4" X 19 foot film. 5 inch film is common. I never tried it.

A very neat piece of WWII history. How do you develop the film??? See this sale! This uses a Bausch & Lomb Tessar 1C of 163mm. Perfect! $144 + shipping.USD
Price : 144.00