The Gitzo G1321 Leveling base is for high-speed levelling of any 3, 4, or 5 series tripods, the levelling base has a range of 15 degrees and will hold 33 lbs. with remarkable stability.

o Weight 230g
o Can carry 33lbs
o Base range 15 degrees of movement

This is a unique piece for users of Gitzo's 3, 4 and 5 series tripods. It replaces the center plate and/or column and give you an adjustability that is nearly impossible to achieve via the legs alone. I used it for my d(*&^^l photography when I was doing panorama stitches. I am no longer doing that type of photography, and am shooting with 4x10 and 8x20 cameras now. This has been an indispensable piece of kit for shooting the panoramas...but it's use is not limited solely to that. It adds about a pound and a half of weight to your tripod, but IMO has been worth it.

There is a very good write-up of it on the Luminous Landscape page HERE:

Another great review showing a guy using it for video is HERE:

Do you really *NEED* this for shooting out in the field when your tripod has an X, Y and a Z axis? I would say 'no'. But, there are certain situations when you really do need to have the tripod perfectly level and when you do, this little piece is PERFECT.

Does not work on any other brand of tripod.

3% to APUG

This item is now discontinued. It has been replaced with the GS5121LVL which is about $185USD. I do not know of any differences. No PayPal...personal check is fine.

Wanna try it out to see if you like it? Just ask. I will say yes.

Price : 130.00