Brand New 250ml Glass Large Mouth Bottle with new metal cap with a pulp/poly liner. The pulp/poly liner is a good liner type for chemical resistance, mild acids, alkalis, solvents, alcohols, oils, and aqueous products.

I purchased a bunch of these to be able to mix up Xtol (20) or D76 (16) and store in smaller bottles with no air so it would last longer. Then I could use one shot or 1:1.

$1 each or $10 per dozen ($13 for16) plus shipping. PayPal or check.

Pick up or ship via USPS Priority Mail.

USPS Priority Mail, Flat Rate box, add shipping as follows:

  • 12 will fit in the medium Flat Rate Box ship cost $10.35
  • 16 will fit in the large flat rate box ship cost $13.95

Insurance extra if wanted.USD
Price : 1.00