My friend in Los Angeles has three enlarges which he needs to remove from his garage. His father used them for years and states that they all worked when they were put away, but that was decades ago. I'm sorry I don't have many details on these but here's what we know...

Elwood 5x7
Lens = unmarked
$100 or best offer

Simmon Omega 35mm and 4x5
Lens = Ektar 50mm lens
$50 or best offer

Printex 4x5 enlarger
Lens = Rodenstock Omegaron 4x5 F135
$50 or best offer

His father would like to sell these but has no idea of the value. I'm guessing that perhaps the Elwood is most valuable. He's happy to sell them separately or together and he has boxes of assorted photo items that you can probably have a lot of fun pawing through. Please make him a reasonable offer. I hope I haven't grossly underestimated the value of any of these items but I know it's a shrinking market.

His name is Ernesto Marquez and he's a swell guy.
818-454-1508 or