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    Cambo Legend 4x5 setup w/ Caltar II-N MC 210mm

    No shipping outside of the continental U.S.A (unless you pay the overpriced shipping fee to do it), PayPal payment only. More pictures upon request. I have feedback I can provide for you if needed.

    -Cambo Legend 4x5 ($625 PP'd & shipped)
    Working order all swings, tilts, rise and falls work. This setup comes with the Caltar II-N MC 210mm which is a rebranded rodenstock lens, It is spotless and in complete working order with both Caltar name brand caps. The lens boards included are #0 and #1, Both coming with appropriate rings. Bellows are light tight. Ground glass is spotless, no cracks. All knobs and levers flow easily. Back props up and locks the film holders in place just like it should no looseness, The back can come off to change from landscape to portrait. I'm throwing in a Polaroid 545 back that you can still use with ready loads, 5 Fidelity Elite film holders with darkslides in user condition and in great working order, An adjustable spanner wrench for use with mounting lenses on to lens boards, And a 12 inch cable release with lock. Overall all components that make up this kit are in average minor user condition. No tripod and or head shown comes with this setup. I will also include a yankee agitank changing bag and loupe.

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    Is this still available - very interested!



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