I have a Mamiya RB67 Pro-S kit (Body w/Rotating Adaptor, Back with Darkslide, and Prism Finder) for sale. I just purchased the camera two weeks ago to use here at college, but have found it to be a little too cumbersome for my needs and am now looking for a rangefinder or more compact MF system to compliment my Rollei and Yashica TLR cameras. I have only run 4 rolls through it.
No Lens, although you can find them for good prices on eBay, APUG, or keh.
Conditionwise, the camera is in good condition, all functions are 100% operational, and cosmetically everything is pretty decent.
The body is a Mamiya RB67 Pro-S, the back a Mamiya RB67 120 back with 120 insert, the prism a Mamiya RB67 Eyelevel Prism Finder, and the Rotating Back adaptor is a Mamiya Pro-S adaptor accepting all G-Lock backs for the system.
Body: Very good condition, good light seals, light tight baffle, clean mirror with no scratches, bellows are light tight and in good condition, shutter lever action is smooth. Focusing screen has two bright marks from previous owner, but is completely usable for perfect focusing.
Rotating Adapter: Very good condition, rotates smoothly, both locks are firm and strong, light seals are good.
Back & Insert: Also very good condtion, winding knob turns smoothly, comes with a dark slide, insert and pressure plate is in very good condition.
Prism: Good condtion, everything perfect except for exterior paint, where you can see some patches where the original black paint has come off and been painted over with a new coat of black paint, body locks are tight and good, prism glass is spotless.USD
Price : 225.00