fitted to SL66 bayonet mount, Pre-drilled hole for #0 shutter
made in aluminum alloy, brand new.
lens board is 76mm outer diameter, height 11.3mm, and 3mm in thickness,
drilled hole is 35mm in diameter

Now with a red dot by the adapter side!!

Want to know how to mount a lens on adapter? check here:

in the pictures you can see me mounting a lot of large format lenses with #0 shutter.
I've been successfully mount the lenses as below:
Schneider APO Symmar 150mm f/5.6 + #0 shutter
Rodenstock Ysarex 127mm f/4.7 + #0 shutter
Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 12cm f/4.5 +#0 shutter

And with a bigger hole (41.8mm ), you can mount #1 shutter on it:
Schneider Angulon 120mm f/6.8 +#1 shutter
Schneider Symmar 150/265mm f/5.6/12 barrel lens
Schneider Symmar 180/315 f5.6/12 barrel lens without problem, looks like a big gun!

I've try these lenses but failed because of insufficient on focal length:
Schneider Symmar-S 100mm f/5.6 + #0 shutter
Agfa Agnar 105mm f/4.5 +#0 shutter
Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 105mm f/4.5+ #0 shutter
They were just missing so little, not able to focus to infinity, but still can be used them on focus within 2meter range.

This auction is for adapter with #0 pre-drilled hole
US$50 for one lens board, brand new

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US$15 S&H worldwide
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Price : 50.00