This is a Polaroid camera that takes pack film (which is still available!). I had plans for converting it to a aerial camera, which would not take much.

It has a virtually unused, high quality 150mm f4.5 Schneider Xenar lens. The glass is super clean and the shutter works at all speeds. The slow speeds are a little sluggish but with exercise they should get moving nicely. The lens and shutter are fitted in a protective nose cone that is covered with a protective glass, with rubber o-ring, in use. This no doubt preserved the lens a bit.

Controls on the outer edge allow you to set the aperture and cock the shutter. A cable release hole is used to trip the shutter. There is a tripod socket on the bottom. Also has a SF-40.5F Tiffen .9 ND filter fitted to the side for convenient use. Rollers are clean.

Cannibalize the parts for another camera if you wish: Nice big folding viewfinder, nose cone and virtually unused lens.

$100 plus S+H

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Price : 100.00