HASSELBLAD SWC Super wide camera, viewfinder and A12 film back.
Body ser no. TEW....
A12 Back ser no. TE......
All in good condition and top working order. Lens is clean with no fungus and no scratches.
Used fairly regularly and recently processed 4 rolls (2xFP4 & 2xTri-x 400) with no problems - no light leaks & exposure correct with correctly spaced frames.
If you're looking at this then you probably know all about these great cameras and the fact that the 38mm biogon lens is reputed to be one of the best lenses ever produced.
Lens is not T* but I've had no flare problems using this lens and results are always exceptional - technically not compositionally!

Any questions please ask.
Oh, there's 2 filters for this as well, yellow and orange I think but I'll check - these will be included.GBP
Price : 950.00