For sale... Miscellaneous Canon FD gear. Here's the list:

Canon MF motor drive with grip. very nice shape, minor brassing on edges.
Battery compartment clean, no corrosion. Works great.
This is the motor for the original F-1, and F-1n, the mechanical ones.
Will not fit the electronic F-1N. $75/OBO

Canon-48mm drop-in Circular Polarizer. Brand new, in the box. For the big FD tele's. Very hard to find. $100/OBO

F-1 Focus screen for original F-1: Type C plain matte, in case, excellent shape. $20/OBO

F-1 Speedfinders: I have two, both with case;
First: Excellent condition, both caps, case. $50/0BO
Second: Fair shape, light scratches on glass, one cap. $25/OBO

F-1 pentaprism; very good shape. Clean glass, no dents, minor brassing and light scratches in paint. Cap and case. $30/OBO

Please PM if interested, thanks,