(note:I'd prefer to sell this in one lot but I'll consider requests for partial orders (minimum 5 boxes) at $25/box plus shipping.)

I'm selling off my supply of Ektacolor Endura paper: 23 100-sheet boxes of N surface, 8x10 paper, all frozen at 0 F since I purchased it:

10 boxes of Portra
9 boxes of Supra
4 boxes of Ultra.

All boxes are factory sealed, save for one box from each batch: I pulled 3 or 4 sheets from each batch to test, confirming the paper's good.

I'm asking $425 for the lot (<$19/box; less than half of dealer cost) plus shipping to anywhere in the US. Ground shipping will run anywhere from $45 to $125, depending on how far you are from San Francisco, where I live. If you're local to me, you can pick the paper up and save shipping (and I'll throw in some free chemistry, to boot).

If you're interested, email me at ctein@pobox.com.

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Price : 425.00