I know the history behind this camera.

This is a never used before Minolta 16 MG S and being kept as a collector item.

This is the Chrome body NOT the black paint. It shows, looks, feels and acts as a brand new in the box camera. I've done a bit of homework on her and I've listed a couple of links below. I know the exact history of this Camera and her owner and sincerely vouch for it being New, never used.
The padding on the inside of the Film door has a light disingrating spot on it and I'm sure it will not affect anything. It does not show in a picture but I have to let you know it's there.

Comes with it's orig Custom box which includes, the Camera, the separate flash unit (and it's case), the orig. silver wrist strap, it's orig belt loop case and the instructions.

In the picture the face/front of the camera looks weird. I assure you this is only because of the reflection and flash. It looks perfect and I gty it.

Check out the links below for info about this camera, where to purchase spools and film slicers and where to develop.
The film slicer will allow you to take a 135 or 120 roll and slice it into several films for this camera.

$250 plus exact shipping charge.

I don't do paypal, a check or M.O. is fine.

The Camera
For Film Slicers and more information
User Manual (Included)USD
Price : 150.00