(SOLD, thanks)

C220 Professional. Very good condition. NO LIght Leaks! Bellow folds have proper shape. New Foam Seal on Door. Ground Glass and Magnifier in good condition. A fun camera.

Acratech tripod Mount is attached but is an extra $25 if needed.

135MM F4.5 Blue Dot. Great glass condition. Shutter is slow:
500 = 250, 250 = 150 125 = 100 below 125 is correct speeds.

180mm F4.5 Great Glass condition, Shutter slow similar to above

80mm F2.8 (NOT PICTURED - and need to update Mon evening!) Similar good optical condition as above, A Blue dot version, shutter slow.

Asking $275 for everything shipped, - Add $25 for the acratech mount.

Money Order, Cash or Paypal (+3%)

will throw in a small amount of film

Rep: I have 100% positive on ebay as weekend_wood
and on several forums, nikoncafe and texas photoforum

All of the current pics are at:
Price : 300.00