Two Nikon lenses for pre-AI/non-AI bodies (Fs, early-mid-70s F2s, Nikkormats, etc.)

1. Vivitar 28mm f/2.5. In beautiful condition (almost like new), with Vivitar metal front cap. $20 or best offer.

2. Vivitar 135mm f/2.8. In excellent condition. Glass is very nice and clean. Front and rear caps. Retractable hood. Some very minor dust, and some very minor barrel wear. $20 or best offer. (Note: This lens requires an adapter at the rear that can be swapped out with adapters for various lens mounts. The Nikon F mount adapter is included with this lens, so it is ready to be used on your pre-AI Nikon body.)

Take both lenses for $30 plus shipping.

I will take film, paper, or darkroom supplies in trade. I could really use some nice glass amber bottles with fresh, good, new seals on the caps. I could use 125 mL (4 oz.), 250 mL (8 oz.), 500 mL (1 pt.), 1 L (1 qt.), and 2 L (1/2 gal.).

Cash (local pickup in Los Angeles would be GREAT), check, or money order. No PayPal, please. I have had too much poor service from them, and I feel that it is a totally unnecessary service.USD
Price : 30.00