A friend's Father passed and she wants me to sell the cameras I have not purchased.

Here is a Yashica 44A (maroon) Serial # 3953151

It is in great shape. Leather in great shape, one small leather piece missing on front of the camera. Easy to replace. The lenses are clear, but probably need cleaning. I cleaned the viewfinder and primary surface mirror.
This camera takes 127 roll Film.

Shutter appears to click accurately at all speeds.

I have not tested this camera with film, but everything looks in great shape.

It comes with the well worn case that is in 2 pieces, and the original manual.

Here are the photos of the camera on my server space.


Hurry up and buy this before I "want" it too.

$85.00 (price drop from $120)


In addition to the Yashica, I have a Beseler Topcon Auto 100 and a Canon T50 with lenses and Teleconverter. Both from her Dad's Collection. email me.

The Beseler needs a CLA and the Canon T50 appears to work.
Email me via apug or email directly.

Thanks for looking.

Greg Heath
Price : 85.00