Nice shape 40/2.8 w/front cap & not the right hood. This is a tiny lens & if used with ME, MX or LX is pocketable in a jacket. Has No rear cap.
If you don't have a rear cap either, for an additional $35.00 I'll include a Pentax KX w/dead meter but working otherwise, that's $160.00 for the pair.

Glass is nice & clean, no scratches, finger prints or fungus.
Barrel has NO paint loss or wear marks.
Focus is smooth and diaphragm is snap,snap,snappy!

Lens hood is from an Olympus 28mm/3.5, 49mm screw-in, a little wide but didn't feel the need to look for a hood for a 35 & I'd never seen one for the 40.

There is minor dust inside, has no effect on picture quality.

The boys of EB run from about $125 to absurd so,
$125.00 w/FREE SHIPPING to the US or actual shipping for international.
Paypal preferred.USD
Price : 125.00