rarely print anything these days, and I have wayyy to much paper.

this is a take-it-all deal, please!

$125 Shipped, $100 local pickup in Plano, Tx.

The Opened boxes will have a majority amount, 70% + of paper still in the box.
Dont want to count it, will get fingers on it to do so.

There is a bit of other paper I will include free, not listed..some darkroom paper.. .

What I have and how its priced:

Ilford Galerie:

Smooth GLoss 25Sheets 11x17 Unopened

Smooth GLoss 13x19 Opened

Smooth GLoss 13x19 Un-Opened

Smooth GLoss 8.5x11 opened

Smooth Pearl 8.5x11 25Sheets

Smooth Pearl 13x19 Un-Opened 25sheets

Epson Ultra Prem. Presentation Paper Matte
"5 star" S041339 50 Sheets 13x19 Opened

easily a savings of over $60
Paypal (+3%), MO, cash.