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    FS: 150mm G-Claron in Copal 0

    Excellent user lens, though not flawless. Just covers 5x7 stopped down, despite what Schneider's literature would have you believe. I wouldn't sell this except I also have a 150mm Docter Germinar-W, which is basically the identical lens but is multicoated.

    Some minor scuff/cleaning marks on the rear element, ~4 small coating spots, minor internal dust. Perhaps (no guarantee) the latter two could be removed by disassembly and cleaning, but I'm not that much of a lens jockey. No dents or dings. There are some highlights along the front rim where the finish has been partially removed, probably from screwing filters on and off. The Copal shutter functions properly on T and B and sounds appropriate on all speeds. Includes retaining ring but no caps. High serial number - 14307XXX. A true flyweight - 164 grams (5.75 oz) according to my spiffy darkroom scale. $150 to me after shipping/PayPal. International buyers please be aware that shipping costs have gotten silly in the past couple of years, >$25 is easily possible!
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