Hard to say what to do about this. I don't see us coming up with a whole separate forum for feedback. Really, I think the classifieds section is small enough, and there are sufficient bars to entry (namely the subscription requirement), that we probably don't need it. Most subscribers have their forum reputation to protect, and that's enough to keep people honest. When transactions have gone wrong, it's usually due to some legitimate problem, like the seller becoming ill before completing the transaction, or ineptness on the part of one of the parties, more than dishonesty.

If someone has had a problem, it's usually become public, and though APUG regards transactions in the classifieds as private matters between buyer and seller, we'll usually do what we can to help people sort things out, since we may have access to information that isn't public that can help resolve the situation, or we may know things that aren't obvious about people, just from being around the forum for a long time.

I think it's enough just to leave a "thanks for the good deal" post at the end of the thread for the item. Maybe sellers should make a point of leaving the thread open long enough for the buyer to post feedback in the thread.