Next on the chopping block as I try to replenish my depleted money coffers; an incredibly rare Cooke lens. The only one I've ever seen in fact.

30CM Cooke Apotal Process lens. One of earths sharpest lenses. Unlike any of the previous iterations of Cooke's, this lens is a Tessar. Go ahead and take that bet that Cooke never ever made a Tessar, and you can win it with the APOTAL.

Features something I wish more lenses had. A scale in mm that tells you where your aperture is at. So if you've got a table top image going and the bellows is at 640 mm, you know with no further calcs that a 10mm aperture will give you an effective f64. Cool.

Coated and awesome. If you try hard enough with a penlight you can find a sleak or 2 on the rear light. No loss, simply a must mention I suppose.

What's it worth? $225.00 + shipping.