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Thread: Canon 45 TS-E

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    Mar 2009
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    Canon 45 TS-E

    Hello all,
    Due to some recent unfortunate events in my life, I'm looking to offload my Canon 45mm TS-E. The lens is in near mint condition with no marks on the glass and only one tiny blemish on one of the corners of the lens near the tilt/shift section of the lens.

    I love the lens and it's sharp from what I can tell, but I don't have the time nor the patience to keep it around to learn to master it and I could really use the money for other things.

    I've got the lens, original caps, original hood and a multi-coated UV filter. The box, pouch and paperwork were damaged in a house fire (the recent unfortunate event). The lens was in my Pelican case, which I grabbed on my way out the door so it was never affected at all. No smell, no water, no smoke, no soot, no ash, nothing. The lens is absolutely spotless. I just need the money to replace some of the cameras that were destroyed (namely my entire film camera collection consisting of about 30 cameras).

    Please PM or email me with questions or offers (matthewjmorse@gmail.com). My asking price is $950 with FedEx shipping and PayPal included. I'll box it up nicely and make sure it arrives safely. If you decide you want the box and paperwork, I'll be glad to send it, but it does have a smoky smell from being in the house. I'll wrap it up in some plastic bags separate from the lens as I don't want the smell to transfer. So if you want it, let me know and I'll include it at no extra charge.

    As a partial trade, I'm looking for a Leica Minilux (not the zoom version) or a Contax T2 plus money from you.

    Thanks. Hope you're all well.


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    I bought one of these recently as part of a Canon package rebate deal and recommend it highly. It's a very sharp, very useful lens to have.
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